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What will you learn in this seminar?

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer looking to refine your skills or a beginner seeking a comprehensive introduction, this webinar is tailored to equip you with skills to ensure you can consistently create Ads that convert. I will teach you how to:

Create amazing offers.

An irresistible offer is the difference between Ads that waste money and Ads that converts. I will teach you the art of creating amazing offers and compelling incentives.

Choose the right setup for your Instagram Ads.

I will discuss optimizing your profile, creating visually appealing content, leveraging Instagram’s features, and using strategic hashtags.

Choose the right Ad Goal.

I will explain the different objectives available, and teach you how to select the most effective goal based on your business goals, target audience, and campaign strategy.

Write ads copy that converts.

Crafting compelling ad copy is essential to grab the attention of your target audience and drive conversions. I will show you proven techniques to optimize your copy for maximum conversion.

Target the right audience and maximize budget.

Targeting the right audience is the not-so-secret ingredient of ads that converts. I will show you how to reach your ideal customers effectively.

I will also provide budget advice and share strategies to optimize your ad spend, ensuring maximum ROI for your digital advertising efforts.

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Adeyemi Adesola

Social Media Marketer | Author | Trainer

With over 7 years of experience in social media marketing, Adeyemi Adesola is a seasoned professional dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the digital world. As a passionate social media marketer, he has empowered over 2000 business owners with the knowledge and skills to leverage Facebook and Instagram ads, resulting in remarkable sales growth and business expansion.

As a respected figure in the industry, Adeyemi has cultivated a thriving community of over 3000 enthusiastic learners on platforms like Telegram and YouTube. Through his engaging content, he shares invaluable insights and the latest strategies for mastering Facebook and Instagram ads, ensuring that his followers stay ahead of the curve and achieve exceptional marketing outcomes.

Adeyemi’s expertise extends to collaborating with high-profile businesses, including “Naijabrandchick” owned by the renowned Lolo 1 of Instagram, Nelly Agbogu, as well as “Koyin Skincare” founded by Koyinsola Kiki, the daughter of Nigeria’s former vice president. He has also partnered with notable brands such as Homeoftastymeals, eunique_furniture, lagosbutcher, shuzuzu skincare, bags4lessng, samtobpc, prime88concepts, Primealien, ainaaladire, dasuba bakery, and many more, consistently delivering exceptional results and driving their marketing success.

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